english   yoga   art   vegan cooking

This is our schoolhouse.  We teach tiny kids through senior citizens.  We offer english, yoga, art & vegetarian cooking

It may seem that we do many different things at our schoolhouse but, all these katsudo* stem from the core human urge to communicate, connect and create in tune with nature.

*katsudo ≈ intentioned activity


We aim to provide practical and relevant communication skills.

English language is a powerful tool to globally connect, discover, share and learn.


For nearly 20 years, we have strived to create a doorway through which people follow their own unique interests. 


Meaningful and uplifting activities which connect us certainly lead towards overall physical and emotional health throughout our entire lives. 


We offer classes from vigorous to relaxing. Feel calm and free, which is yoga's true benefit.


The aim of or our yoga practice is to be more comfortable  in our bodies, more at ease with our thoughts & feelings, and to somehow be of benefit to the others in our life.  


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Yoga Alliance 


Art classes

twice/per month. 


We work with mixed media. work can be ongoing or one-shot.


Kids and adults welcome. 


Steve's background is in arts and education, and the cooking skills are what helped earn a living as a student.


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other joys

Vegan cooking , art, gardening, hiking, making stuff, campfires, ...all of which happen regularly at our school.


We are always working on the grounds - so many plants to admire and even some to eat. 


We have a well and hope to become more self sufficient.


We also plan to build a wood fired kiln, an old school Japanese outdoor bath...many projects in the works You are welcome to be a part of our center's evolution!