real rural Japan

beautiful Saga

Saga, Kinryu in particular, is a pretty good place just to be. Kinryu retains an abundance of its natural beauty yet provides nearly all the same modern convenience as a big city. 


Our center is just minutes walk to mountains, beautiful parks, ponds, streams, ancient stone carvings,  millennium old hiking trails created specifically for spiritual training, Shinto shrines, historic Buddhist temples and, surprisingly, a coffee shop, restaurants and a convenience store.


Saga and the entire island of Kyushu has amazing things to see. If there's anywhere in particular that you'd like to visit, we would happily help to arrange it. There's a whole lot to see and do within an hour or so drive from Saga City and so many great places to see and visit nearby.


Fukuoka, the largest city in Kyushu,  is less than an hour away.  Fukuoka has an international airport and is a major bullet train hub. Our place is convenient to anywhere in Kyushu (anywhere in the world, really).  


Saga has a rich and noteworthy history, yet still remains to be a beautifully rural and agriculturally vital part of  Japan. 

minutes walk from our center

Our close proximity to parks and mountain trails makes it easy for a leisure or adventurous hike. One trail system has been used for 1300 years as a form of spiritual training. The giant stones along the trail are still respected as living gods. 

beautiful saga

Saga is home to hot springs, mountains, beaches, forests, castles, shrines, temples, a 3000 year old tree, ancient ruins,...and that's all within an hour from our center.


a site made by Saga Prefecture  to promote Saga - read the English to understand the text, but look at the Japanese version to get a better sense of the area. 


amazing kyushu

Kyushu is an island of hot springs, mountains, beaches, forests, castles, shrines, temples, ancient trees and ruins,...and also volcanoes, scuba diving, surfing, skiing (seasonal), and so much more.